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Should i hang on or give up?


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I met this guy who is contracted to the same place where Im working. He is from another country (India) , Im a Chinese girl, and we like each other very much.


We have gone out a couple of times, talked to each other very often online and sometimes on the phone and have gotten physically intimate (except for intercourse).


While he keeps saying he likes me he also said he is not ready for commitment/relationship - partially due to his parents likely objection of him being with someone from a different caste and religion, race, country, and language (his parents cant speak english)


We talked about this and we agreed to be sexually exclusive (not making out with other people) but at the same time still open to go out with others as long as not physically intimate with the other people we go out with,


We have "broken up" and gotten back together a few times already. Each time we break up (either initiated by me or him) we just somehow got back together as we miss each other (sometimes initiated by me or him, mostly by me)


How long should i wait and what are the signs to see whether we have a future together or am I just on the path to get hurt in the end?


We are both 30 years old."

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Seriously - don't bother with this guy. If he has reservations from the outset about being with someone who is completely different to what his family wants, this relationship will not go anywhere and you will end up getting hurt.


I've seen so many of my non-Indian friends date an Indian (or South Asian guy), sometimes for years, even buying houses together only for it to end in tears when the guy caves in to his family and ends up having an arranged marriage.


If you want a serious relationship look elsewhere and don't waste your time. I know it's hard and that you may genuinely have a connection but it's better you go your separate ways now rather later when you're even more invested.

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I have been in a situation like yours, where I am not sure if the other person is committed or likes me enough, and I have one rule about it. If he wanted to be with you, he would - and he wouldn't question it or make you wonder. This is the beginning of a relationship and you are already questioning things because you aren't sure how he feels. In my opinion, this is the time things should be easy and carefree and you should be enjoying each other's company - not "breaking up" and getting back together.


Again... if he wanted to be with you seriously, he would be.

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