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Should i be mean or not?


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im in terrible situation. I broke up with girl with who i was for 1 year and a half.. I was getting over it, but 2 days ago she came for her stuff and bring mine back.. We went for a drink, and than she suggested that we should go to my place.. Then she asked me if she could come again the next day. Yesterday she came again and overslept at my place..


Today she went and didnt log out from her email account. I saw the message which she sent to her boyfiend which was with him before me.. Of course i checked it. I later saw that she was writing with him for the past month.


She wanted to visit him becouse he is abroad, telling him about her recent dreams about him and all..


But on the other hand, she was very loving to me these 2 days, and i know she wasnt here just for sex..


She is very nice person, not even little rude to people (except in this case maybe).. She told me the reason why we broke up (she liked us both).


I know that i should not bother with her anymore, i was really nice to her, very in love.. But the question is, should i be mean now and send him email, telling that while she dreams about him and tell him all the nice stories, she is sleeping and having sex with me? What would you do?

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No. And when you say things like 'Of course I checked it' - there's no 'Of course' about it. Though it's absolutely staggering that she was emailing him from your place.


You are right that you shouldn't bother with her any more, but what advantage do you think you'll gain if you were to send him that email? Do you honestly think she'd be falling into your arms if you did? Or would you feel like a better person? Do you think he'd believe you? If you want to retain an image of yourself as being spiteful and mean, then go ahead.


Or you could keep your self respect, go NC with this girl and let the fact that she cannot be faithful be HIS problem rather than yours.

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@nutbrownhare- No, i don't want her in my arms (now of course, before that was my main goal).. Its not about faith (she technically didnt done something so very bad).. I know she still loves me, she told me so. Its the fact, that she is 50/50 about me and the other guy. I know what would be the best solution, but its hard to make a decision when it involves yourself.. And in best circumstances i wouldn't like to push her from my life, but i think now i don't have other option. I may have an option, when she would/will see, that i'm better for her to take her back, but i dont want to be someone to wait for that decision.


@metrogirl- this sessions are- like it or not- already over.. I will tell her tonight that i know about the scene and that i dont want to see her anymore.


So * * * * ed up, thought that things are going to be better..

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I dont know what to say to her.. and we will meet in one hour..


Option 1: I tell her everything i know, and say that i dont want to see anymore.


Option 2: Pretend i dont know anything, have fun with her and see what it brings.


Option 3: Make a ultimatum (but i think this wont work, even if she say, she can say just because she would be scared to lose me).


SOS please!

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