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Fear that people will think i'm weird?


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It does sometimes but it is all in my head. I try to imagine how I would feel if I wasn't awkward and then I act this way. Start with saying something more than you usually would, you don't need to be really outgoing but add something about yourself or mention something you watched and was interesting, speak about things you are passionate about etc.

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Not talking too much is gonna draw attention to yourself.

Try to keep it simple at first, general comments, follow the conversation trend.

After people get to know you then drop the weird bombshells and they should just take it as part of you and like you nonetheless.


That's what I do coz I can be a bit blunt myself and I don't have too many inhabitions so it comes out as weird.


I just find the "alpha" in the conversation and back up their points for a while until I feel accepted in the conversation then I go ahead and take the whole thing over!

But thats just me.

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Change your attitude.


Say to yourself "Who gives a crap what other people think, it's of no importance to me".


Unless they're your boss or a significant other, that much is true.


This is good thinking but she wants to try to get involed with the conversation.

It's best to play ball and respect others for a while first and see who is gonna like you for being you.

Then once youve found the nice people, be yourself and they shouldn'e care.

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What you need to do is get your leg in the door of the conversation. Find a topic you are interested in and ask them about their thoughts on it. If they dont like the specific area of the topic, ask them what their area is. Fire ignited!


Eg 'What do you think about basketball?'

- 'oh i love it, i barrack for x team' = win!

- 'yeah i dont think much of it'

- 'oh, which sport do you like?' = win!

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Well you know, everybody's normal til you get to know them. Everyone has something that is "weird" about them or a "different" interest in a topic. 90% of people will respect you and not really care about the "odd" things the other 10% you don't really need and you could get them a muzzle for them. jk lol. Most people will like you as long as you are real.

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