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Trying to Find Something


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I have had a rough go of it lately. In recent weeks, I have contemplated killing myself more and more. I don't want to die, but everything seems so overwhelming, it is hard to take. At my darkest moments (which have been frequent recently), I try to come up with one thing that keeps me from making the ultimate choice. I say, thank God for the baseball season and the New York Yankees. If it wasn't for my love of baseball and my favorite team, I don't know what I'd do or how I'd react. I want to try and stick around to see them win. I know this sounds stupid, but if I can inspire anyone who reads this to find that one thing (anything, no matter how simple it may be) to keep them around today, tomorrow and hopefully a full lifetime, I would be happy. I know how hard it is for all of you struggling. However, please try and find that one thing that brings some joy to you and latch on to it. I know I have and hope all you can as well. Peace.

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Someone said to me the other day.


"buddy let me ask you this, if you had a million pounds right now would you be happy?"

Well, i thought about it, I'd travel, anywhere I wanted to go, I'd meet new people and see so many new things and feel so many new feelings. I'd buy a place in a country that I loved and live there, Id get a sweet education and have a job I always wanted.

So my answer was yes.


If it takes 1 million pounds to sort out my unhappieness then I must assume that I can be fixed.

Therefore not depressed, just wanting something.


As I thought about it more I realized that even just 5000 pounds would get me on the road and having fun.

So if this is true then try it.


Think about what it would take for you to be happy.

For me it was money.

As money gives me the oppertunity to change my life.


Is it the same for you?

If so then that means there are answers to your problems.

Maybe not just money, but something!


So don't give up.

There is soloutions to your unhappieness.


So if you ever ended it then you'd give up a whole possible future that could be amazing!


Love & Life

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I havent thought about suicide because I love my family and friends way to much. The other thing i love buddy, sports, mostly the redsox. Doesn't matter what team we root for, and if we saw each other at Fenway or Yankee stadium at a different time and under different circumstances we would probboly hate each other and yell at each other. Most of us on this site are dealing with problems that might create a thought of suicide. Don't worry bud, perhaps one day you will find a new gf who loves the Yankees just as much as you...Imagine what a great life that would be.......Too bad the sox will just sweep them again. J/K

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This is so damn typical of a Redsox fan. What I poured into what I wrote was honest and sincere and meant to help others. How dare you make light of that with your ridiculous and inflammatory hatred of the Yankees. Oh, by the way, just in case you need any reminder. The Yanks have won 27 titles, the Sox have won 8. Take your stupid comments somewhere else and get some help. Good for you with your perfect family and great friends. I don't need this crap and no one else that might read my post wants to see it either. Just get away.

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