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What would be a good thing to say to make things better


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I've liked a girl that's a friend of a friend and he was trying to get a day together where we could hang out so I could try to ask her out. The only thing is he was always having a hard time getting a hold of her so eventually I became fed up with it and asked for her number. The only thing is it wasn't her number it's one of those things where you just send a text to their AIM account. Now what I had thought is that it goes to her phone but it turns out it went to her computer (which I probably should have thought of). But what wound up happening is I kinda flipped out about her being so unreliable and taking forever to get back to me about hanging out or anything for that matter. My friend already helped me out before cause I freaked once but the thing is before I figured out what was going on I freaked again and my other friend who's a girl told me she probably doesn't wanna play around and I should just ask her out so I did. But anxiety really got to me cause I didn't think it should take her so long to get back to me but eventually she just said if I don't respond it just means I'm busy. It clicked sometime around then that that's exactly why it's so hard to get a hold of her I wanna just try to salvage this thing and just get her real number so I can get a hold of her more often.](*,)

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This sounds like an awful lot of freaking out over a very simple thing. If she doesn't know who you are, I'm not surprised she doesn't respond.


Here's an idea, get her real phone number and talk to her. Or, ask her out the old fashioned way - face to face. No electronic text AIM email BS freak out necessary.

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