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Ever since I was about 15 years old, I wanted to work in Information Technology (IT).


Since age 16, I have been doing internships with government organizations, a few small businesses (locally), along with one medium sized business (500+ employee), and one large (8k+ employee) - currently.


I'm now 22.


I am a senior at a very well known and highly acclaimed school in my area in IT.


I've been about 2.5 months into this large employer internship, and I really cannot see myself working in IT in a corporate setting. I liked working for the govt' more than I liked working in a corporate setting.


I think the main problem is: I've finally realized after ... some 5-6 years working in IT on internships that it can just get really boring, and not healthy for one to sit in a chair and type all day.


The other problem is: I really do want to stay in IT, because it interests me, but I only could do it either on my own in some way aka via a business or through a partnership in business.


I never expected myself, with all this background already, to be considering either 1) switching careers entirely or 2) jumping into my own business within IT.


If I go with #1, is there anyway to be sure whatever I choose that it will be life-long fulfillment?


If I go with #2, I feel like it would be better to get some sort of business going before I graduate...



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You can allow your business idea to decide your course by using any of the business plan templates available on the web. It will prompt you to come up with a viable business idea and create valid steps to build that idea into an actual business.


In creating your plan, you'll learn how much startup and working capital you'll need to launch your business, and that will tell you how much of your earnings you'll need to save up to accomplish this. THIS will tell you how much longer you'll need to continue working for someone else--or else it will prompt you to come up with ways to market your idea to potential investors.


No matter how you slice it, the only way to start a business is to know what you're building and how much money you'll need to pull it off without an outside income until the business becomes profitable. You can break out your marketing budget and build a marketing plan with the same kinds of templates.

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