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Things I have learnt since being dumped

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1) Maintaining a friendship is impossible. As soon as the conversation gets sexual (by that, you initiating it), the dumper is more then likely going to kill it off. And your value will decrease because you come accross as easily obtainable.

2) Every time you contact the dumper, your value decreases. You become LESS attractive in their eyes. Whilst they heal, you don't. And Even if the dumper can be the nicest person in the world. You have to accept that your relationship with them is over. It will never go back to what it was, and the harder you try for that to happen, it will never happen. You're best bet is to play things out.

3) If you are a guy, treat it as an experience. At least you have managed to date, sleep with the girl. Something that A LOT of guys who have hit on her haven't been able to do.

4) You make the healing process as hard as you want it to be. That is not to say, I am not sad. Of course I am. But, I guess the way I am now looking at it, she broke it off, that means she wasn't worth it. Better off getting another woman.

5) You have to move FORWARD. My ex is moving forward as we speak, irrespective on where I am in my life. Soon, she will be dating/seeing someone else (if she isnt already), and I will be stuck in limbo.

6) Breaking no contact makes the healing process a lot harder. I have broken it a bit, but every time I do it. I feel like I have gone back 20 steps, whilst in the process losing my dignity and feeding off her breadcrumbs.

7 ) Respect who you are as a person. I think a lot of my insecurities meant I took being dumped badly. When if I look at the whole interaction for what it was, I managed to get the girl to begin with, therefore I can do it with another, thus I am the prize.

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