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I need help. Where to go?


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OK, I have spent years trying to solve the dating problem on my own. However I've run out of ideas, nothing works and it doesn't seem that I'll be able fo find a solution by myself. So, I have finally decided to seek for help.


Fair enough. But the problem is, where exactly does one go for help on these kinds of matters? If you have a problem with alcohol, you know that the place to go is AA meetings, but it is not so clear here. So far the options I see are these:


- Going to a psychologist or some other form of therapy

- Attending some PUA bootcamp, or something similar

- Telling my family and/or friends


I am not sure of how much each of the options might work, and I see potential problems in all of them... So, what does people in ENA think about it? Any other ideas?

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