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Buying clothes for you boyfriend


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I'm 19, my boyfriend is 21 and we've been together for 2 months.


I love love love to shop and dress well. My boyfriend is conscious of what he wears, but he doesn't really go out shopping. A lot of the time I'll see basic things that I think he'd like and I think would look good on him, like a tshirt for example.


So my question is, guys, if your girlfriend bought you clothes here and there, would you like it? Or would it seem too motherly/clingy?

And girls, do you ever buy your boyfriend clothes?


I don't want him to think I'm trying to change the way he dresses or anything, I just think of him when I'm shopping.

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Over the 7 years of our dating relationship, I always bought clothes for him. Granted many were for holidays [birthday or Christmas] but with time if I saw something here or there, I would grab it. Especially if I was out of town for the weekend, or had a girls weekend to the States and would see his favourite motorcycle company tshirts that we don't have in Canada, or something unique or different...then I'd pick them up.


Otherwise, it wasn't really OOO you need new clothes, I'll buy you some like a Mother would. And it was all stuff a Mother wouldn't buy! High end underwear, nice dress socks, if I saw a good deal and knew he needed something then maybe.


I picked up a whole bunch of boardshorts for our honeymoon because he just didn't have the time to get out and get them.

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