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Feeling very low and overwhelmed.


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Ok, not really sure what I am looking for just need to let this all out.


I am feeling very low. I had a job interview today and was feeling really good about it but for some reason now I am sure I will hate the job and where it is located. This normally would not be a problem, just don't take the job if its offered. BUT I am living with my sister and desperate to move out. She is extremely angry I want to move out and applied to this job because now I won't be a nanny for her kin. So she is pissed.


I moved here in January and have not made any friends to speak of, I feel like my life is spinning out of control.


I went to a therapy session today and that made me feel good but for some reason right now it all just to over whelming and I just don't know what to do...


My sister is angry at me, I have no friends here, possible no employment.....help.

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I have a job interview for a job i most likely will hate. Know what good i get out of it? I may hate the job, but whilst i am DOING that job, it provides me a way to keep going and keep looking for a BETTER job.


If you can do it, stick it out for as long as it takes to get a better one.

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Thanks for the fast replies.


Mouseno- I have thought the same thing. There is just this great feeling of repulsion when I think of the job now for some reason...


guynextdoor-Could you expand on what you mean?


Beluga- I am comfortable at my sisters but its not healthy for me on the other hand I fear the unknown and fail, so if moving out doesn't work out I feel so depressed..

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My advise to you Moontiger is to sit down and see the pro's and con's living with your sister and the pro's and con's taking a job you probably hate. Which one out weighs the other? Will you have more stress at this job or living with your sister is what it comes down to.

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Taking this job will just be a stepping stone in the right direction. A lot of people dislike their jobs, but least you know you will be saving money and being on your own. I feel your sister is making you feel guilty about getting a job and will not be her nanny. This is a time for you to grow up and be independent and not worry about her needs. I hate my two jobs i work 7 days a week night shift and 30 hours for other. I hate them both but with the economy so bad i have no choice, and it feels so good living on my own and happy i dont have to depend on family

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Thanks mrwebcam. I'm feeling a bit better now. Do this has made me think I might want to go back to school. I volunteer at a very small art museum on the weekends and love it. There are several master programs that are offered that I think I am going to look into.

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So right now this is my plan,


Take the job if it is offered just so I can make my own money and don't have to rely on my parents

Apply to Grad programs

Keep looking for a job I like better

Keep seeing my therapist (in bold cuz its the most important)

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I feel like my life is spinning out of control.


...I just don't know what to do...''


ditto...on both accounts. completely lost. like standing at an intersection...but there are no roads leading away from it.


this i what i've learned...


the external circumstances of your life will never have a lasting influence on the way you're feeling right now. this feeling comes back...again...and again...and again. nothing is more persitent. one thing changes, or ceases to become a problem...and five more things rush in to take it's place. of course...that doesn't mean you should just give up...and forget your problems...and just bury your head in the sand (that's completely not the point). i think the point is to learn ways to deal with this lousy and unpleasant feeling of being hopelessly stuck.


i read this book a couple years back. think it's safe to say that i'd completely lost it at that point. my 'life' was in shambles. i was anxious...all the time. everything overwhelmed me. so lost...so stuck. felt like everything was coming unravelled...and it was only a matter of time before just cracked...that was the only thing i felt certain of. well...that book taught me something...and it's been with me ever since. the thing is...my life hasn't changed at all. i still have the exact same problems. i still worry about the same things. and while i've made adjustments along the way...had minor and major successes...achieved this and that...i feel the same. the difference is...i don't struggle with that feeling so much anymore. it's manageable. there's this whole new perspective. i feel like i'm actually equipped to deal with the natural ebb and flow of life...without tuning out when it gets overwhelming. because that was always the habitual response for me. this is hard...i'm stuck...so i'm going to tune out...find something that will add meaning to my life... and hope that it goes away. i ran around in that circle for years.


dunno if that makes sense...or if it'll feel applicable to you in any way. be happy to share the book info if it sounds interesting to you.

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90 what's the name of the book? You can PM it to me if you like. =D Because honestly I've been in that place as well, and seem to be heading down that road again.


Moontiger your plans looks good. One sure way of breaking out of feeling overwhelmed is deciding your fate. Being independent from the parental units is a good start. A hated job is a fairly good stepping stone to a better job. Motivation as it were.

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Moontiger, it sounds like you have an excellent plan! If you are at a job that you hate, at least you'll know that it'll bring you closer to getting that grad degree that you will love. Plus, you havent' started this job yet... who knows, perhaps it's not as bad as you think it is.

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Hey guys just wanted to give you an update. I had a very long talk with my dad today and after thinking some of the things he said over I have modified my plans slightly.


My sister and I have talked, and this is the plan as of now, I will stay on with them until September, at that point I will start taking classes for Museum Studies Certification. I think that will give me a good feel for the degree without spending all the money on grad school. I will also be looking for work at a museum or another non-profit types of jobs. It turns out my sister and sister-in-law know a lot of people who work at museums accross the city! They were very supportive of my plan and we all feel much better about everything.


Now here is the new issue, my father asked me if I would feel better if I had my own place to live. I told him, yes, of course because then I would have my own space. He then offered to pay for an apartment for me! Its soooo tempting to accept but I just would not feel right about taking my dad's money like that at my age. Thoughts? Opinions?

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