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Feeling free and staying that way/never looking back journal pg2

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Im feeling free for once in many years. I've finally come to terms its finally over between us. Yes, it hurts like hell but im really ready for a change in life. I notice I was so use to his verbal abuse to the point that it became a numing feeling for me. But, as the days and weeks past by I learned to live with this pain and except it for what it really was B/S. I realized what knid of man he really was insucure,weak,petty and i've had enough of his trash. Im better than that and what he was only willing to give on his terms and his time never wonting to better himself to make a life for us only wonting the instant and right now kind of way. I 've never been so proud to let someone go and never return. Never wontingto gaze on his face again. Never wonting to hear I LOVE YOU again. Never wonting that big bear hug he always give. Those things may sound wonder and some may be asking why would I wont to let those things go. But, I know the truth, They were only lies a way to keep me around. Those things came only after the name calling and saying he didnt wont me and stating that I was replaced by someone better. Those things only came if he wanted something from me in return. Nevetr the less I dont need those things anymore. I've find someone else to do those things. To give me the hugs the kisses the incouragement the motivion I need to live in this world. MYSELF. No longer will I let you be my dark cloud and rain on me no loner do I have to walk looking at my feet. No more do I have to wonder where you are and wh your with. GOODBYE AND THIS TIME YOUR GONNA STAY GONE.....

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