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extremely upset with myself


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I was extremely upset with myself last night when I recall what he has done and said to me/


When I recall, we just argued because of his women issue.


Nearly 99% of his qq friends are young girls. He brought two in front of me and my niece without notice in advance, which embarrassed me a lot. I understand that he was new in china, and he was trying to make news friends here. However, when you know all his friends are young girl, either met on internet or in Wangfujing, a place full of scammers, I still could not help feeling uncomfortable.


I wish this was the situation in china. However, I was wrong.


He has a lot female friends, who play very very important role in his life, like he needs a friend’s permission to marry me. However, when he mentioned me to his friend, she was reluctant to bring me up, plus she told him that she would not be his friend anymore if he marries me.


Then, really disaster really comes, starting from his emails. He once liked a young Korean girl a lot before me. He told me he has not kiss a girl in two years. Then, it turns out he kissed this Korean girl just before he pursued me. Their relationship did not last long, that girl does not like him, plus his friends do not like that girl either. So, he left her!.


One of 5 friends who do not like Korean girl is a female colleague of him, who is married, having four children. She did not like Korean girl, but she was far too weird. After Korean girl left, she began bringing him food, trying to contact him with any excuse she could find, calling him baby, and trying to buy him underwear as New Year’s gift.


Then his best friend thing. A Chinese woman, one year older than me, divorced, having a 7 year old son. I knew nothing about this woman before we argued because of her. He is very defensive and protective. He could tell me things about his other friend, but when it comes to this friend. Nothing can be discussed. He said he is very loyal; he would not tall or discuss anything about his friends without their permission.


This spring festival, he insisted on taking her as his primary concern. I was even not involved in his trip. Why, because he has not seen her for 8 months. However, he has not seen me for 3 months too. And we were in a relationship! We argued because of this, he told me he had decided to do that, and it would not change. Since, if he screws this friend, he would screw me in the future. Could you guys understand this? I then went on NC for half month, when we finally began to talk with each other again, he still would not change his plan. Then I was told his three simple tasks with his friend: coming and going back together with this friend, be around when she went through her transition, be around whenever she is in sanlitun. Then, I was told, actually, he planed to help to take care of her son, however her son did not come back at all!


Our relationship went downhill. We argued. His mom knew this and then his mom told me her son is very honest and sincere. however, he once had a record of having sex with a neighbor girl whose mom his mom know, but both mothers did not know their children had sex with each other!


Finally, he came to Beijing alone, but without notice before hand, and went to meet his friend first. Then, when he came to meet me, I was stopped from know where he lived. All he tried to do was trying to hide me from this Beijing, best friend. He told me it was not time. after 1 1/2 years relationship, after Korean girl, colleague woman thing, after one month’s argument because of his best friend, he still insisted on his original plan, and tried everything he could to stop me meeting his best friend.


I was then told I needed to chill out, and wait for several moths until things chill out. We then argue with each other relentlessly because of his friend. Until today, he could not tell why this woman is his best friend, not his peers, not someone who grows up together with him, not his classmate, but someone whom he met at his workplace when he did his internship at NYC.


I nearly blow up because of his attitude. He kept silent, he went over protective and defensive when I mention this friend. and then, the more he is defensive, the more I obsessed with knowing things between him and his best friend.


Finally, I contact his friend via email, telling her what had happened because of her, forwarded his email to me in which he mentioned this friend, telling me they are close friend.


Why did he do this?

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