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Should I try calling?


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So, I know from my recent try at a relationship that I'm actually ready for a relationship. There's someone that I want to get to know, but I'm freakishly shy...can't seem to make a move.


So here's the situation. I spend all my days off volunteering at my kids' school. The one I'm interested in is a single mom that I always talk to in passing. I've been too chicken to say something along the lines of seeing her outside of school, so I thought maybe I could call her. I have her number, but I have it thru the school and not meant for personal use. We both volunteered for the same reading program, but that program is over now so we can't really talk about that.


So, my question: would it be weird or creepy if I tried calling her or should I bite the bullet and say something at school?

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I'll be seeing her next week at school. Our usual conversations in the morning are quick because she's dropping her son off at school and going straight to work. Afternoons are so busy because everyone comes to pick up their kids. I'm planning on saying something in the morning next week...school's almost out and I'm running out of time It's just that I choke everytime an opportunity comes up...lol!

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