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Confused about feelings for an ex


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Okay so I wasn't sure where to post this, but this seemed the most appropriate place. I recently graduated from university and moved back close to home. For some reason, I keep thinking about an ex I dated my senior year of high school. We only dated for a month before we broke up due to multiple reasons, including me going far away for school. We grew up together though so we knew each other and had been friends for years before we dated each other. Our parents were friends with each other and he was good friends with my brothers. I haven't seen him in the month I have been back, but for some reason I cannot stop thinking about him. I honestly haven't thought about him or had any contact with him since we broke up over 4 years ago. We said we would stay friends, but we didn't and just lost contact with one another. I am just curious if anyone has ever had a similar situation and what they did in that situation. I am so confused over why I suddenly have these feelings and what I should do. I literally think about him more than I know I should and I keep wondering what would have happened had I not moved away for school, etc. Please help me.....I am going crazy here not understanding this!

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Do you know if he is single or not?


I had a situation with a boyfriend of mine long ago... we lost touch, but he and I didn't forget about each other. We re-connected and had a good relationship for a while .


Try to find out from your friends and/or facebook if he is around. Then take a chance! You never know what will happen.

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