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so she broke up with me


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2 months ago.


finds out i went on a date. now is texting how it went, and i didnt reply.. 3 times.


she then said i tried to be your friend, but u dont want it. take care.


i am in the process of no contact. i have nothing to say to her as i want her or nothing. she left me for someone else. i wonder is the grass not greener on the other side.


her idea of being a friend is contacting to get me to remember about her, she was not genuienly interested if my date went well. i know she is jealous. as she told me if i meet someone it would kill her.


keep ignoring? or do you think this will be the end?


either way, if she doesnt come back i will deal with it. but if she does ill be the happiest person on earth!

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my friend - it is already the end - she is wanting what she cant have to a degree i dont believe for ONE MINUTE she wants u back u are doing great , dont contact her , how dare she dump u then have the cheek to ask how ur date went , she should not have dumped u in the first place if u was so valuable x

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yeah i know she is dying to know. i will not put her mind at ease. the minute i do that she will be happy. i know she is hurting now, not as much as i have hurt though.


its a strange feeling, as we never broke up over anything. well except for her new partner. but no arguements etc, basically couldnt help herself but i believe her friends made her do this as they didnt like me, as basically they arent very nice people and i hated my ex seeing them. i never ever told her this, nor will i.


today has been the first day i have been doing great, maybe im at ease cause i know how jealous shes being and shes raging at me for not replying as its something i wouldnt have done a few weeks ago. she knows she hasnt got that control over me. she lost it the day she broke up with me. and she has some cheek asking me, (she found out through a mutual friend)


i know i can do better, just once my heart catches up with my head i will be even stronger. just at the minute im over analysing and wishing her to realise that we were once good together to give it a try.


when the going gets tough - some people cant hack it!

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