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How would you describe this girls personality?


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I met this girl about 4 years ago at my party. She was drunk and she begged me if I could drive her in her own car back to her place and I agreed. She seemed nice and down to earth at the time but then 2 days later, she started getting a bit verbally abusive, the insults seem like jokes but some other times, it feels like she's degrading me and testing my nerves. The second time I met her, she told me she was going through a separation with her current boyfriend and that she wasn't looking for anything other than friendship with me and I agreed. But sometimes it appears like she's not so sure what she wants and she makes little moves on me from time to time (she even kisses me sometimes saying that she loves me); but this only happens when she's drunk. When she's drunk, she's playful and down to earth, but when she's sober, she's like somewhat bossy and constantly calling me names like idiot, or *** when I make a simple mistake. Though, like I said, she appears to insult me jokingly (especially with this really annoying smile that she has). Around the time that I first met her, she called me an idiot in front of her lady friend and then smiled so annoyingly after she said it, like she knew it would piss me off.



She really got to me one night on October of 2009. We were planning on seeing a movie that night and she called me names throughout the whole day (this time I wasn't even sure if some of the insults were jokes or just simply her trying to provoke me). She even talked down to me that day like telling me to use my brain. She seemed to be in a jolly mood during and after the movie but then when we got back to my car and I wouldn’t start the car on time, she got really **** and was telling me to start the car now. We were driving to the bar and she **** throughout the whole night and because of it, I got a little distracted in between and almost didn’t notice an ambulance turning my way. She then lectured me like I was a kid and said “rule of thumb, when you see an ambulance, you’re supposed to stop”. Then she said I was driving too slowly and that I should hurry up, she even told me to honk my horn at some people who were driving a bit recklessly. When we got to the bar, she apologized for the verbal harassment (as she so delicately put it) but I didn’t say anything to her throughout the whole night because I was so pissed.



2 weeks after that movie night, she called me up asking if I wanted to hang out and then I warned her never to call me names again on a regular basis. She apologized again and said she gets carried away sometimes. But then she looked for another way to talk down to me like telling me to yell at her dog for bothering me and I was saying to myself like "It’s your dog, YOU yell at it?". And I even tried to yell at the dog (but only God knows why) and because I wasn’t aggressive enough about it, she asked if I was a woman or something.



The whole time that I’ve known this girl, she’s been talking about her boyfriend nonstop and that she broke up with him and will never reconcile with him again but then after some time, she starts talking about him again and what they recently did together and I’ve never once told her to stop talking to me about him.



Last year we made love for the first time but then after a third time, she said we should just remain friends. Sometime after that, she wanted to make love again and I agreed, and we did this like 2 other times. All the times we’ve had sex, she was drunk.



It's like a "like" and "hate" relationship with this girl. Sometimes I really enjoy her company, we make each other laugh and we playfully make fun of each other. But some other times she's can be really obnoxious (e.g like the name calling which, like I said, she does playfully but just a bit too much)



So what do you guys make of this? Is this kind of person even worth having as a friend, let alone a lover?

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