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Got fired from job. What's a smart way to apply for a new job?

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Hi guys,

been lurking around the message board for awhile and I've decided to join in and ask a question.


I was working for a while at a retail store. I was always on time, never caused trouble - though it was easy to tell that I was not motivated nor satisfied with my job. One night, I found a gift card laying around the register and checked to see if there was anything on it (to honestly know whether to toss it or keep it to see if anyone claimed it). After a day, no one did and out of pure stupidity - I used it. I was caught obviously and explained everything. I didn't lie, apologized and sincerely expressed regret. I was fired and left on good terms. Everyone was surprised and knew it was out of character for me to do such a thing. I'd appreciate it if I didn't receive lectures about how stupid I was. I've accepted what I've done and went through a lot of guilt and shame to get to it.


My question is, how do I approach applying for new jobs now? I've spoken to my former manager and he informed me that he wouldn't have a problem with me citing them as a reference. And would gladly talk positively of my work. How would I respond in my interview if I'm asked why I left my previous job? I was not criminally charged and it does not show up in my background check because the police were not informed of the incident. I'm not apply for any government or high-paying jobs, just full time/part time office assistant work. What would be your advice?


Thank you

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