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Seeing Ex in a few days...!


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last week my ex texted me after I haven't had contact in over 2 months. We've been broken up for almost 6 months now. (he broke up with me). If you're interested in knowing why we broke up, just search my other posts Today, I woke up to a few texts and he apoligized for deleting me as a friend on facebook, he said it was messing him up. (last week he asked why we weren't friends lol, so i had added him). Anyways, he also asked If he could see me, as it was weird we haven't seen each other for about 5 months now. I feel like i'm strong enough to see him, i'm not over him, and really would like to get back together. I have also dated people within these 6 months and done lots to improve myself, so I haven't been just sitting around...I'm pretty content with my life, and I know I can be happy with our without him. I'm SO nervous though, he also said "don't take this the wrong way but i'd like to see you". I felt like he was saying that because last time we talked I told him I was seeing someone (since ended that, but he doesn't know). We dated for roughly 3 years, so I'm guessing it might be akward at first lol but will probably turn out okay. I'm not seeing him until thursday, but I'm already freaking out haha. I'm trying not to get any hopes up, as this is probably just a "friendly" meetup. but who knows what could happen i guess. Does anyone have any advice as to how should I act? (like I know be myself) but I feel like if I do anything to show him I still love him, I might scare him off? Ughh so confused...

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The "don't take this the wrong way" may be a warning flag that he is looking for closure and wants to put it all behind him. Last he knew, you were dating someone....he may tell you he's met someone. I would walk in with defenses in place, so that if you have to, you can smile and say "it was great while it lasted".

I would not walk in thinking "anything can happen", cause it can only go one of two ways.

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Yeah, I also think the "don't take this the wrong way" is a sign that this might not be what you think it is.


I would really be careful with this one. Perhaps ask him what his intentions are in meeting with you?

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Hmm, okay thanks for your insight, when he said that I wasn't exactly sure what it meant but I have to agree with you guys. I'll just go in strong. It still will be good seeing him after 5 months. And in my head I do know that it could go either way. thanks guys!

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