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I met a girl I like...


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Hi guys,


There's a girl who goes to the same temple I go to. When I first saw her I felt almost immediately attracted to her for some reason I can't quite pinpoint; there's more than just looks that strongly draws me to her. Over a period of a few months I've seen her in my peripheral vision looking at me occasionally which makes me think that she's maybe attracted to me too.


Yesterday there was a temple trip to a big festival and she was on the coach. On the way there and back when she was getting on the coach I looked her straight in the eye a few times and she momentarily made eye contact and then broke it by looking down. When we were all waiting for the coach she was by herself with no one to speak to and I approached her. Our conversation was very short (2-5 minutes) because it got interrupted by someone behind us who I then went to speak to. During the conversation she looked me straight in the eye and smiled quite a lot. I mentioned an event that's coming up recently and she asked me whether I was going; she said she would be going, too. At one point she was surprised to find that I don't live in the area she thought I did, which made me think that I've been on her mind at least once.


Later on I saw her on a toilet break when she was walking to the bathroom. I looked her in the eye and smiled but I didn't say anything. She smiled back, but I sensed that maybe it wasn't a genuine smile because it was very brief and she resumed her previous facial expression. Incidentally, I'm also concerned that my smile might not have been genuine; I was trying to show my interest but I might have failed. After this interaction I didn't speak to her later on because I was sitting quite a distance from her on the coach.


She seemed to respond very positively when I spoke to her, but later on she seemed a bit freaked out perhaps, although I hope she was just nervous. Also, I ignored her at other times, even when she was nearby, so I'm concerned that that might have put her off (I always try to be a bit aloof so that I can use my head more than my heart in the initial stages). I'm not sure whether there's enough information in this post for anyone to draw any conclusions, but I hope someone can help me see this situation more clearly. I've only had one other girlfriend and I've lived quite a sheltered life, so I don't have much experience of these kind of things.

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So I went to another event today...


She was there, but we didn't speak. On the way there we were on the same train, but I didn't sit by her; she sat at one end of the carriage and I sat at the other end. While we waited for the train she was at the other end of the platform, too. Even though I knew she was there, I didn't give the impression that I knew. I'm wondering, would this kind of thing really put her off? I mean, I came accross as being a bit needy last weekend, but I think I gave the impression today that I'm not so much in that way; I don't want to get attached too soon.


I might see her again tomorrow. This time I really want to talk to her, so I hope I can approach her in the right way.

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