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"When you ex gets married..." - An article I would like to share

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Hi everyone.


The past few days I have thinking about myself and how I have handled and dealt with the breakup with my first love over a year and a half ago.


I have come to terms with the fact that the person she began dating very shortly afterwards is the person she is still with to this day.


Based on that I wondered how I would feel if I heard they were to wed.


A range of thoughts and emotions went through me.


I did a quick goog search and this hit me.


link removed


Many UK readers might not be a fan of the daily mail (me neither) but this article did offer a small amount of insight.


Perhaps some ENa members can also share their own experiences.



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I know my ex will get married again someday and so what. She is not the one for me anymore and I need to let her go completely. What she does is not of my concern anymore. It already stings that she is with another guy. Her marrying him or anyone else will not be any more painful. I already accept that we will never be together again. So even if they break up she won't be coming back. So I really don't care who she marries.

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