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snubbing how to deal with


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To make a long story short. A classmate has snubbed me. She purposely ignored an invitation and has stopped inviting me to events. I guess she just doesn't like me, which I just have to accept. Although it hurts and I am having a hard time dealing with that. Ordinarily I would avoid her and phase her out of my life. The problem is we have friends in common so I must see her in class and at social occasions which is quite humiliating. What should I do to save face?


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You said she stopped inviting you to events. So... does this mean that her behaviour towards you changed?


If her behaviour towards you changed, it's because something else changed. Is she mad at you? Could you have done something to offend or hurt her? It's quite strange that her behaviour would change out of the blue...

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yes it did. She was friendly at first, wanted to study together etc. Then we did some work together, she knows a lot more than me, so perhaps she feels I dragged her down. I got some weird vibes, that I was not up to her standards. Not sure. I invited her to an event afterwards as I thought maybe now we weren't working together things would be ok again. anyway, doesn't matter. For whatever reason she doesn't like me. I guess I just act cordially, and ignore her ignoring me.

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Yeah - you can ignore her or you can confront her. Since you have friends in common, maybe it's worthwhile confronting her. Is the invitation still outstanding? You can always say "Hey! I sent you an invitation to XYZ and I noticed you didn't respond. Do you think you might be able to go?". Basically letting her know that you noticed that she is snubbing you. Maybe ask her about an event that you weren't invited to. "Hey! How was that clam bake? I heard a bunch of people from class went... sounds like it must have been fun!"


Or... you could just let it go.


It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong, though. I'd try not to think about it. Everyone won't always like everyone. Not much you can do about that.

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