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Asking a Neighbor Out (as a friend)


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I am a guy who's in his early 20's. I've had a girlfriend for two years and my neighbor's daughter, a female my age, has had a boyfriend for a little bit more. I hope to be friends with this girl my age, (early 20's), since I am low on friends and would like to have someone to talk to. I feel like I am missing something important that's not there with my girlfriend.


I've had this neighbor for about a couple of years now and I've yet to talk to her all that time who is about my age until last Friday. I approached her while she was sitting and we had a nice conversation where at one point halfway through she mentioned that it would be nice to hang out and I agreed. Now it is Monday and I have yet to talk with her.


What is a good way to ask her to hang out? I did ask her if she had facebook and she said she did. So I was planning on sending her a private message on facebook, asking her in this manner, "I was planning on going for a walk around the neighborhood this evening. Would you like to join me?"


I have to add that both of us have strong relationships (boyfriend, girlfriend) that it is not like I am asking her on a date. I am just wondering what we can do for fun.


Any insight would be appreciated.

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If you are still with your girlfriend and want to 'hang out' with this new girl... please for the sake of all chameleons... tell your girlfriend BEFORE you meet her. Hell, even take your girlfriend with you. Avoid the inevitable girlfriend bashing...

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Why not make it a double date? The two of you and your partners could go out together. That way it's all above board and no explanations needed. You'll double the friendship base as well.


What is of concern is the fact that you feel that your girlfriend is unable to supply that 'something important' that is missing from your life. Have you talked about this to her or to anyone else?

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Thanks for your responses. It seems as if you are taking what I said as if I am doing something shady behind my girlfriend's back. I am not. I did tell her that I met her and chatted with her. My girlfriend trusts me and I trust her. But what I am asking is, how and by what means do I ask my neighbor to hang out as a friend? I should know this by now since I am an adult but I haven't really been in a situation to make friends, usually friends have come to me and initiated it. I was considering sending her a private message on facebook as I mentioned, "I would be going for a walk this evening, want to join?" It's nothing big, just a simple chat around the neighborhood. How soon should I do this too? I feel like I should do something soon.

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