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Dating anxiety


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So tomorrow I am having lunch with a guy that I really like. We have hung out a handful of times and I have really enjoyed myself and have had no anxiety issues. But now just at the thought of having lunch with this guy makes my stomach do flips and I'm getting nervous. This happened in the past with all the guys I've dated and I found it gets better in time but that usally means a few months. What can I do to control it now I don't want it to ruin my good time

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That's really good!!!!! Those butterflies indicate that this guy could be special. Whenever I've gone on a date and haven't had any nervousness, that's a bad sign- no chemistry!


Just try to relax. Try to take a nice relaxing bath, have 1 glass of wine before the date (1, not 5!!!) Do something else to keep you distracted - watch a movie or read something.


Let the butterflies help you on your date rather than stand in your way!

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It's bad flips though. I know I'll barley be able to eat anything and he's left me with the chore of picking the place to eat. I was thinking grabbing subway and then hanging by a park for a bit or is that to cheap? I'm only 19 so I can't drink wine haha but nice advice


I find that I do better if I'm not in a overly public place and it's mostly just him (the date) and I

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Lunch went FANTASTIC! We ended up going to a park and playing some basketball. My sister tagged along because we had to travel after and he said he wasn't very interested in playing basketball so we showed up an hour early, and he even let me buy lunch (because he has traveled close to 90 miles twice to hang out with me so i thought it was a fair trade).

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