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Will we be together again?


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We were off and on together over ten years ago. She said i was the one she fell in love with as soon as she saw me. She said i made her laugh and she loved my personality. Maybe a year and a half later She was fed up because i wouldnt commit. I was 32, she was 23. So she went to a wedding with friends and had every intention of meeting someone. She did. They hit it off and a year later they were married. She has two kids now. I didnt talk to her for 7 years an one day i found her. I called her and we talked. She had moved 3 hours away. She still had family back here in close to me and she would come home a lot. We met up and hit it off. It was great seeing her. She told me she was having trouble with her marriage. We stayed in touch every few days. The feelings we were having for each other were getting stronger. She was planning on divorcing him. She said she has always loved me. She said she cried at her wedding because of me. She then moved back home to be closer to me. She told me she has unconditional love for me. We were together while she was getting divorced and once her divorce was final it was all us. She says shes happy because her ex husband has moved on and now living with his new gf. She was worried about me meeting her kids right away and i understand that. Together for about 8 months and she broke up with me on a text last december. It hurt badly. She came back this february and apologized and said i was the man she always wanted and that she has never loved anyone as much as she loves me and thanked me for being there when she realized she was wrong. She actually said this. I told her how much i loved her and showed her. Then on her birthday two months later she left me again. She broke up on a text again. This was the second time this happened like this in four months. I was devastated. I still am. She told me how much she loves me and wants to spend our lives together. Told me i had been her best friend for so long. She has sent me a text a few times. A month after she left We actually met at her work and sat in my truck and talked. She told me she loved me and kissed me very passionately. A few days later she was full of anger because i called her and i asked why she left me on a text. She wont talk to me at all now. She did get on my facebook last week and asked why i was out so late. Its been two months since she left. Is she seein someone else? She said her reason for leaving was because she hasnt lived yet because of her kids. Then she said some very hurtful words to me. And then she said she doesnt want a committment because she has no time and just wants to hang out with her friends and have fun. She said shes not looking for someone, but she said she cant promise me that she wont meet someone and things happen. But shes not going to look for someone. She said she went from me to a marriage and back to me before she was divorced and then left me and back to me. She said there is no way she could just jump into anything right away. Hmmm very confusing. Nothing she has said adds up at all. Help me with this. Does she love me or not? Is she lying about wanting to see someone or not? I have only talked to her ia person once since april. On the phone twice and on text a couple of times. Now i havent talked to her in a week now. She never blocks anyone from facebook either but she blocked my friends after i deactivated my account. I couldnt take looking at her pics right now because i was trying to move on. She told me twice to move on, but that day in my truck she said she had to fix herself first, and that she hopes i would still be around when she does. But if i wasnt she would understand. She also got some flowers on posted that pic on facebook. That shook me up very badly. Sorry so long but any advice??? Direction???


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First of all, i hate the words 'unconditional love'. For it just does not exist. Save for mothers and their baby.


If i was in your position, i would get out. As in right now. She is completely unreliable and totally not worth your time. If i had to take a guess, she was using you. And she probably knew it. What is worse, is that you let her.


In the end, is all the heart breaking really worth it? How many times has she done it? How many more times do you want to have her do it to you? Is she really worth it?

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You have no ties to this person besides being in a relationship with them. CUT all of them NOW. Do not contact her anymore whatsoever. From just looing at her behavior pattern there are issues internally that she needs to sort out before she can be with anyone and be happy. There's got to be some psychological issue with her. Mouse is also right... Unconditional love does not exist in a partnership. If you cheat on her over and over, you're telling me this person will still love you? To be honest I think she has no idea what love is. I don't think she loves herself either. If you can't love yourself, you can't love another.


Advice and direction is to run far away, and find someone that is better for you. This person does not deserve you. You're strong enough to let go and move on. I understand that you are attached to her and the kids. Read the journey from abandonment to healing. It will show you what you are going through a bit. You may also notice in reading this book, that she's stuck on one of the stages.

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