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My ex showed up at my apartment today (they always come back)

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I'm not gonna go into full details about my story but my ex and I broke up about 2 years ago. We were together for 4 years. Lived together for one. She was my first love, and so far, my only love. She met someone else and left me for him but basically cheated on me first and lied to me about what was really going on.


It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with. We never really cut contact though. We would communicate maybe one a month through email or I would see her once in a while as a friend.


About a year ago, we almost got back together. She broke up with that guy and came back to me. We made out and fooled around but did not have sex. I dated about 5 other girls since her but nothing serious. She found out I was really into another girl and decided to go back to the guy she left me for.


So this last December I decided to cut contact from her for good. I never emailed her, called, etc. I deleted her number and everything. A few weeks ago I decided to look at one of her websites and I noticed she had broke up with that guy. I didn't pursue anything because I'm just not interseted in dating her. Just got a little curious.



Today I was hangin out with my mom and she dropped me off at my apartment. Guess who is parked there? Yeah, my ex. Had not seen or spoke to her in about 6 months.


I let her come inside while I ate my lunch. She told me she broke up with the guy, told me about her job, etc. I didn't really feel anything for her but it was interesting to see her. She told me she would keep seeing me because her friend lives down the street. She left and I felt confused as to why she came over. I felt like I was just now starting to really move on. I don't want her back, but I will admit it was a confusing experience.


They always come back.

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They may "always" come back but not necessarily for the right reasons. She cheated on you and lied to you..then when she was broken up with her boyfriend the first time she was hoping to get some action with you...then when she found out you were interested in others, she ran back to the boyfriend...now that she is no longer with the boyfriend, she comes sniffing around you again. You seem to be relegated to her back-up plan..she is not coming back because she sees you as the one..she is coming back because she feels at loose ends. She is a user. I would suggest cutting all ties with her.

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Whatever you do don't go back with this girl. If you want her as a friend only then thats your choice. She has cheated on you once and broken your heart and only seems to want to come back to you when she is lonely and no longer with the other guy. She is using you to cushion her blow. Dont accept that!


You have moved on and doing well, therefore continue to do so...

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Crazyaboutdogs is right she is a big time user and a liar! You 2 to lived together and she lied and cheated and left you for the other guy, probably moved in with him and didn't give a s**t about what hell she put you through.....you probably forgot about that?...did you?


She kept in contact with you by email/meeting once a month.....well of course she did, "just in case the other guy didn't work out." After a period of time she breaks up with that guy and now she has to pay her own bills (and get a job) and "oh look!" she's back making out with you.....of course with no sex! because you have to take her in to get that!!....Oh she's a crafty one! She knows what she's doing. "BUT" she found out you were into another girl more than her......so she doesn't like competition! Then she gets out of Dodge and back into the arms of the other guy, I wonder what sob story she told him?...should get him on this forum and compare notes.


6 months later she shows up, like the trash, in front of your apartment building. You foolishly let her come in and she's back to the original story (*sob*) "she broke up with the other guy" (she probably cheated on him also, and got caught) and probably wants to make out (with sex) with you again ("oopps I'm pregnant).....she tells you about this job she has,(probably at a shoe store) that she will get rid of a week after she moves back in with you.......and you "felt confused as to why she came over?" She's telling you everything you want to hear, probably even asked if you had a girlfriend and you said "No".....and it "just so happens" her friend lives down your street, so now she can make regular visits!! (because you told her you didn't have a girlfriend).....WHAT A COINCIDENCE!! that's amazing!! (LOL)


You are being targeted my friend, by a liar, cheater and con artist. Don't ever have sex with her because she'll "accidentally" get pregnant and you'll be paying her for the next 18 yrs when she lives with yet another guy! You sound like you got your life back in order after the hell she put you through!!....or did you forget about that again?? Remember: Once a cheater - always a cheater, once a liar - always a liar! once a victim - lesson learned.


P/S - If you can't help yourself and end up having sex with her.......use "your" condoms, not "hers"

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I can definitely relate to you. I just went through the same thing. 2 years though, but still was cheating behind my back for months all the while saying she loves me every day. We are now broken up but im honestly afraid she is going to try to come back into my life or contact me. I know i dont want her back as a GF because what she did is unexcusable and if she comes back i know it will only be as a backup type of deal. I deleted everything of hers so know i wont be contacting her, but i have a strong feeling she will be sooner or later and i just dont know how i will handle it if and when it happens.

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She's got you in her back pocket in case she needs you. The only question now is, will you let her. You really should just cut all contact with her. You're not even interested in getting back with her so what would really drive her nuts is to show her that she's nothing to you. She cheated on you and lied to you about it bro. Show her she can't just go around doing that to people and expect the person to be ok with it. Throw her ass to the curb and be done with it. I bet you anything though that she wont go out without crying and begging.

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That's really deep man, and funny. I actually did tell her how I lost my last job because I was dating a girl I worked with. SHe looked down at the ground when I told her this. Looked a bit disappointed. I could never have sex with my ex again.


Always watch a woman's eyes!!! Her mouth says one thing,.... but her eyes are telling the truth!! This is experience talking!!....thousands and thousands and thousands into the millions of guys have gone through the same hell and bulls**t games she's playing. Most guys are too ashamed and embarrassed to talk about it.


Its such a common occurrence that a radio announcer, Tom Leykis, based in LA, formatted his whole 3 hour radio call in talk show on girls like your ex. Go to you tube, type/copy in "Tom Leykis vs cheater" (I can't post url's here) .......listen to his shows, listen to the guys calling in with their stories of how they were victimized....there's alot of them and Tom is right on the money!! He had 1 or 2 million listeners everyday until they shut him down till 2012. Anytime I see a guy getting burned by a girl I tell them to "Listen to some Leykis" This will "Open Your Eye's" and very entertaining.

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Of course she came back, I remember you from 2 years ago when all you wanted was her back. Now the tables have turned, and she made up a clumsy reason to see you. She wants back in of course.


Now in terms of yourself, what do YOU want in life. Forget the temp jobs, the mistakes, anything that keeps you on this path. What is it that really makes you get up in the morning?

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