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just wanted to tell you all. it gets better and MUCH easier.. :)


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first off.. like i expect many of the members here, i found this forum through Google after breaking up with my ex.


it was somewhere i could turn to, to vent, to cry and to browse through how others felt .

quickly understanding that the pain we felt and thought nobody else could understand was infact how 99% of us felt after a horrible break up - why? -

because we are human, we all have emotions. when you come to understand an emotion, it seems to make more sense..

i read page after page and slowly began understanding how i felt so down, and how i could build myself back up.. pretty much all thanks to this forum

and so for that this forum was a vital part in me moving on.


Like others my first post was pretty much desperation

i didn't want to picture myself alone not for a moment, so i kept imaging how it might work out if i do so and so.. or if i say that...

i was at that time willing to do anything to sort it out and to get my ex back


i was recommended to go "NC" ( NO CONTACT ) but i already was NC thanks to my ex changing numbers and living hours away.

but believe me NC through choice or by force is the best way to move on there is.


the early days would drag - every little thing would remind me of her - of us.. it sucked 100% i thought that that grip of depression would never ever leave me.


slowly the days turned to weeks, the tears slowly dried and i would go a full day without longing for her.

then those weeks became months and i would be happy, out with friends and getting back on my own two feet - without even realizing!

quicker than i ever thought possible.. i was me again, i was happy again, i held no grudges and i was able to accept i was my own person, just me!

in the end those months of course became a year.. ( present time )


me and my ex haven't spoken since... I'm over the relationship.

( don't get me wrong, ill always be there for my ex, she is the mother of my two children - ** i do still manage to see my kids weekly ** )


there obviously will come a time when me and her have to contact each other and talk - as parents.. but i know now that when that does happen we will be ready to do so.


so here I am now


i managed to find a new partner someone who understands more about me than i ever thought possible

we clicked instantly and get along great.

i started renting a big house with enough spare rooms for both my children when they can stay over and still have a room to call their own

and my partner moved in too.

back on the right path now!



so guys, the pain now does go away! i promise! ( i know you will think " no it wont ill be like this forever, you don't understand it! " i was the same as that, but i proved myself wrong )


it takes time, its not a quick fix..

but stick to your guns, stand your ground...

THINK before you risk a lot of hard work

and do anything in the world that helps you feel better... stay active, socialize, study, start a project... just become YOU again


there will be another person who you can say you love.. and you will know when your ready for that time.



i wish everyone on this forum the best of luck

and thank everyone who put up with my rants and helped me through.



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