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I don't get it...


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The guy dropped the 'l' bomb. We had an open conversation about things and he admitted that he started talking to a girl because he thought I was going to break up with him. He also yelled at me for cracking a 'That's what she said' joke in public and started * * * * * ing about how I embarrassed him. Should I just ditch him now and save myself the trouble?

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Is that an "I" bomb or an "L" bomb? As in him telling you "I love you"? Then after that he said he's moved on to someone else and yelled at you for making a joke? It's confusing and I don't really understand the whole story, but the future with him is not looking promising.

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I agree with Alli in that it all sounds very confusing... but this is what we can get from your post...


- He said he started talking to another girl because he thought you were going to break up with him. In other words, he is not happy. He doesn't feel appreciated/loved enough.

- He doesn't like your sense of humor or whatever.

- Apparently he is mildly embarrassed by you.


Dude's not happy and he obviously is not the type to talk about it... he'd rather just cheat.


I think you should ditch this one. You aren't compatible. Sounds like he's not happy and he also doesn't want to talk.

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