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i keep dreaming about my ex boyfriend

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I want to know if its normal for me to keep dreaming about my ex boyfriend. We dated for about 2 months and when we broke up it was the hardest thing I ever had experienced in my life. I not only liked him I fell in love with him. We had sex the first night we met and he asked me out while he was with me. Everything was going great and then he just decided that it wasnt for him the next month which really affected me the most. I would cry myself to sleep for about 2 weeks and i didnt want to see him at all. Then about a month later we started talking again and I went over to his house to give him a gift for christmas and we talked there then we started kissing and he started telling me how much he missed me. He came over that night and we had sex. I thought that we would get back together but a week or so later he said that we shouldnt talk for it would get me confused and think we would get back together. After that i was so heartbroken by him i couldnt deal with it anymore. Now i am trying to get oer him but its hard with all the dreams i am having about him and i am wondering why i keep dreaming about him. It's so confusing to not think about him but i need to know what the dreams mean.



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It means nothing more than you aren't over him.


Ever wonder how you can see a bunny, for example, during the day and suddenly at night you are dreaming about bunnies? Or how you might have a problem at work during the day that you just can't figure out and then suddenly, when you wake up in the morning, you have the answer? That's how dreaming works. The subconscious mind picks up all those little things that you may or may not even realize that you are thinking about. Then, when you dream, those things come back up and dance around your head.


I wouldn't read any more into it than that. He has been pretty clear that the relationship isn't what he wants. By attaching all sorts of meaning to a dream (which, really, is not his doing...) you are only making your pain worse.


Listen to his words, not your dreams.


And don't worry... in time, those memories will fade and you probably won't even remember his name...

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can i ask you what kind of dreams.. bc i dream about my ex a lot, except he brakes my heart in every single one of the dreams, and when he "gets back with me" i feel in my dream like is not right with us being together.. i don't want to have dreams about him i just want to forget

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