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Who You Really Are


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Struggling to find the words to describe you,

Wishing you would open up a little,

Sometimes you make me feel so distant, so far,

When all I want is to know who you really are.


The close friendship we formed,

You've not always been able to find the words,

But I know you can do it, you can raise the bar,

You can tell me who you really are.


A beautiful girl shrouded with so much beauty and intrigue,

I've stood by you when you've been mocked and ridiculed,

I've told you how I've felt, I've admired you from afar,

Wishing I could see who you really are.


Where others have lied, I've been true,

Where others have given you empathy, I've given you sympathy,

Where others would cast judgment, I would consider you a star,

Searching far and wide to find out who you really are.


It's been nearly a year since you came into my life,

Rarely before had I known a person with whom I could share,

So many of life's up and downs, all the while keeping that door ajar,

That one day I may find out who you really are.


There are moments when you make life seem complicated and confusing,

Yet moments when you make life feel enriching and enchanting,

Your zest for life conquering past pains and scars,

As you continue to show the world who you really are.


Each day I'm grateful for your presence alone,

Whether it's happiness, heartbreak, sadness or serenity,

Wherever you may be, be it near or far,

I will forever be proud of you for who you really are.

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