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When to call and more


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Back story: I met this girl (I'll call her Persephone, cuz I don't know anyone named Persephone) online about a month and a half ago. We exchange messages, then move to facebook, then texting. We moved at a pretty conservative pace obviously. So we are both at the same place for a happy hour event this past Thursday. The people I was originally there with left so I ended up meeting up with her. We chat for a while, great conversation, her friends seem fun as well. All in all it went very well. As we're leaving one of her friends (I'll call her Xena, like the warrior princess) mentions she could use a ride home, so I take the friend home. Xena ends up telling me how much Persephone was looking forward to meeting me and how Persephone might not have acted like it but she was excited and glad I came out. So I text P when I get home to say I had a good time and look forward to catching up just the 2 of us. She responds with an emphatic "Definitely!".


Now my question is this: Do I continue to go at a relatively conservative pace or should things now pick up some? We've exchanged some messages since then, but no plans have been set up (not for a lack of trying on my part). I'm terrible at reading signs, but my instinct was that things went really well on Thursday. However, the level of communication since then has become more mixed--shorter responses, seemingly less interest. Any advice on where to go from here would be appreciated.

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