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what is my Ex trying to do???

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I dated my ex boyfriend for a year and we broke up 4 months ago, he left me for another girl and i was very heartbroken. I did the whole crying, sleepless nights, loss of appetite etc but i ddnt beg for him to come back we just did LC for the first month but he ws the 1 initiating it. So far i hev maintained strict NC for 3 months now and i hevnt heard from him or bumpd into him.

However a week after the break up he get crushd my best friend's party and my friends kickd him away but still surprisingly he always tries to contact my friends on the social networks especially my best friend but she always ignores him.To my surprise, today he just contacted my family for a big favour. Its now really frustrating me that he is not even acknowledging that he hurt me its like he doesnt even see anything wrong with what he did to me and evrything is still ok.

Now i feel like he's just lost respect for me by going to that extent of asking for favours from my family and now i dnt know what to do or what he is trying to do? should i tel him to leave my circle (friends and family) alone, or ask my family to just ignore him or shuld i just keep maintaining NC. What exactly do u guys think he is trying to do? what shuld i do because his actions are frustrating me?

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