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Should I be mad?


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My boyfriend went out of town this weekend for his brothers high school graduation. He knows that I don't expect to be in contact with him the entire time he's there but I do think it's common courtesy to contact me via text just to see what's going on, etc. Well instead of him devoting ONLY 10 minutes of his time to talk to me, he either ignores anything I say or takes hours to respond, drawing the conversation out WAAAAAY longer when he could have been like "hey baby, how's your day, what are you up to, ok talk with you later".


Well he then proceeds to tell me it's too hard to get away to speak with me. Funny, because everytime I've been to his hometown he has been very capable of texting his friends in front of me and quite honestly really hurts my feelings that he would say that.


So finally I call him because I'm tired of being ignored and I found out in a nutshell during out phone conversation that I know where he's at and he doesn't care what I'm doing and that he thinks it's a little ridiculous that I expect him to take 10 minutes away from his friends to contact me.

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I think you're possibly overreacting a little. He's away for a short weekend for his brother's graduation. Surely it's not necessary for him to call everyday that he's away to keep in touch and update all the time or ask how you're doing? It's just a weekend. Everyone needs some alone time, everyone needs some space in any relationship and this weekend away is really not such a big deal. Give him a break. It's far healthier for people to do things without their partners every once in a while, have outside interests etc etc.


So, in a nutshell, NO, I don't think you should be mad, but that's just me.

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