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Why doesn't he want me to hang with him & his friends?


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My boyfriend and I recently made a huge move from home to Australia! We seem to keep arguing over the same thing, he met a few lads but never wants me to go! He keeps saying the two of us should go for a drink and when we do he leaves with his friends, when my friends left and I went round to him to have a drink with them he went mental! And I got upset over something tonight and was crying so he invited me out with him, when I said yes he changed his mind and said no! I can't understand why he doesn't want me there when even his friend brought his girl friend along!

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hey funny thing is i was talking to my bf about this the other day. except i was asking "why do you always bring your gf when you go out?" he said "i wanna show off" so i go "what if you had a not-so-hot gf? has it happened before" he said "yes ive dated some that arent so good-looking. and i never took them with me. i always make excuses like "its boy's night".but truth is she isnt goodlooking"

i hope its not the case for you. however i cant think of any other reason when one doesnt wanna be seen with another except "hes embarrassed of you" has he always been like this? even before australia? does he introduce you to his friends/family? does he try to involve you be in his life at all?

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Yeah! I've met all his family and friends and get on well with them! I seen him pointing me out in a bar to his new friends and telling him I was his girlfriend but it's the case of when I ask to chill with them he says it's only lads!

well it sounded exactly like what my bf said..he still introduced his ex-gfs to his friends and such but would say it's boys night so he wont been seen public with them.it doesnt mean he didnt love his exs and he also wouldnt cheat, but..sounds still humiliation to me .but i dont know what your bf is thinking..i would get pissed..you have right to hang with his friends. i would understand if every once in a while he needs lads night but he def doesnt need it everytime he goes out.

and honestly i wouldnt take my bf when im with my friend.cuz we totally talk different things. it's just an awkward mixture if all of us hang out together. but i wouldnt mind going out just with him. so how often does he take you out in public? if often,just not with his friends..i'll give him benefit of the doubt.if not often.i'll talk to him about this.

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Welcome to Australia!!!


I dont mean to sound insensitive or anything like that, but (conjuring up a hypothetical situation) if i didnt want to take a girl with me it would be for a couple reasons.


1. I am not happy with what i have, and i dont want everyone to see that.


2. What i have prevents me from doing X guy only thing.


3. I want to ogle the hot chicks and not have my girl see me.


4. I want my girl to stay at home for a reason to do with her being at home - job/activity?


THIS IS ALL HYPOTHETICAL!! I would never actually do any of this. Please dont think less of me for saying something i would never really do.

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i wouldn't jump the those conclusions just yet, if he felt that way at all why would he have wanted you to move to Australia with him in the first place? When i was in a relationship i didn't really want to bring my bf along to hangout with my friends mostly because i didn't want to have to 'look after' him. I wanted to enjoy myself with my friends without having to worry if he was having fun and not feeling awkward or anything. Other times its usually because i need to discuss something about him with the girls! Hope you're able to get the reason out of him though. Could be that he just wants to establish himself with his new friends and doesn"t want to be known as the guy that has to be glued to the hip to his gf or something along those lines?

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