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She is a intern at my working place. I think she will only be here for maybe 5-6 more weeks, i think she will have another job somewhere else. Another Hotel.


Anyway, before when i use to go to work. She is very shy, no hi or bye.

Maybe past 3-4 months or so.


I tend to break the ice recently the past few weeks, and ask her where is she from? Where did you apply? Just work related things. What did you do on your days off? etc...

She has a english accent, she is from germany.


After that, whenever i come into work. She always smiles at me, or say HI. Bye. Thank you for helping... Or i always catch her looking at me or whenever she is with another girl talking near by, They go quiet, when i past by.


I always notice now, the past two weeks. She been dressing a little more classy and she always check her make up. People have been noticing that to.


She would always come up to me and ask for help instead of other co-workers.


In that gap time, i had no clue if she had a bf or gf. So i kept my work boundaries up (before i get fine with sexual harassment or something) and respect. One of my co-workers ask her, she said she broke up with her bf, maybe 1 month ago i believe. So i was like great! I found out last week.


Back to the topic


Stupid me, instead of asking for her number, i ask her for her email address, i told her i had some ideas and i'll help you threw out some things.

She gladly gave it to me, last night.


I'm a chef in a hotel, and she is a f&b manager.

And she loves tasting my specials, everyone loves good food right!


Ugh! Still hope!


What do i do?

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I wont see her till this Wednesday


Don't send any email yet? Work related meaning


I don't know how i'm gonna make a open line, and get her interested. Actually giving me her number...

Or do i give her my number....


I have to find her by a hostess stand or something, or away from everyone!

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Ask her in person, if you can do it privately. Ask her by e-mail (if it's her personal e-mail address) if there are too many people around. This shouldn't be a problem as long as you're respectful in the e-mail. She's leaving in leaving in 5 or 6 weeks right? It comes down to how badly you want to ask her out. Are you too shy to ask her out? Or are you afraid of rejection?

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I work with her this past wed, she must of approach me 3-4 times, asking for help, how my days off was etc...

I blew it! She is pretty shy and quiet. But i can tell, there is some interaction she is trying to do...

Everyone at work is telling me to ask her. She is a manager, so i don't know if she is allowed to date employees.


I think she works tonight, i don't know if i should do it by email or ending of the shift....

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Just found out, she is working out things with her ex bf...


I don't know if its to late or not to late. I found out the day, when i was gonna ask her after work...

I backed off with my own respect.


Because her ex bf, works with us as well, but in a different department.

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