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Do guys notice a girl's nails?


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I enjoy growing and painting my fingernails (too cheap to actually get a manicure, though), but only get compliments on them from other women. When I look at forums asking what guys notice or like in a girl, the answers may vary from the obvious (boobs, butt, etc.) to the less obvious (feet, nape of neck, etc.), but nails are never mentioned.


Do you guys care about nail art, or is that something that just impresses other women?

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I can only speak for my own personal preference.


Nope. Not in the least. As long as they arent horrible (obviously) it does not concern me much.


But, if i had to actually choose between long painted nails and nicely cut - nicely cut for me. This is only my personal preference and does not mean i hate long painted nails.


(i should point out, that i just consider painted nails to a sign that a girl puts way too much effort into her appearance... growing nails long and then painting them dont take 5 mins)

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They notice, but it's not a dealbreaker to them. My boyfriend prefers nails with no polish because he says otherwise it looks horrible when it chips (which is true). He doesn't mind when I occasionally wear it though, and it's not like he thinks it decreases my overall attractiveness. I think for other guys it's pretty much the same, nails are just a small detail that sort of gets overlooked.

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not every guy but most guys look for personality, u can be a cute girl and be nice and sweet and funny or be a smoking hot girl thats mean when there mean we tell em to go to hell lol, when there nice and all that stuff we want more of that person. looks dont always matter as long as u take care of yourself and dont smell or dress ragedy all the time lol

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I don't personally care what a woman puts on her nails, as long as they are not long fake nails.


Long fake nails is very unattractive.


i'm in agreement here. personally...i find long nails very unattractive...fake or otherwise.


actually enjoy a bit of colour though and designs and whatnot...so long as it's not gaudy or ridiculously ostentatious. and...i think i actually like these things on feet/toes...but hands/fingers...not so much. haha!! no idea why. maybe i view hands as functional extensions with many different uses...while i view feet as utilitarian, and in need of some jazzing up!!


hahaha...feeling like a bit of dork for most of this. but whatever.

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I think men do notice (at least eventually) but most don't care all that much.


I've had quite a few men comment on my nails but I think it is mostly because it was a simple conversation starter. I am quite meticulous with my hands and nails, though they are not long nails nor fake nor painted with art or anything most of the time. Simple home manicures and keeping my nails the same length and shaped and buffed and in a neutral colour. I want my hands to look professional and clean.


The reason it becomes a good convo starter is that I work with my hands all the time and my work makes it difficult to keep nice nails and hands. I am in close contact with people a lot of the time and I think it makes notice because it is a contrast to a lot of others.


Besides that, with someone close to you, it can be a nice lead in to holding or touching your hand.

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I hardly ever wore nail polish because in my line of work (hair) the polish never stayed on. Then when I started doing massages, I had to have shorter nails. My ex. liked it when I painted my nails and commented on it ONLY when giving him a BJ. He was also into rings. When I held onto him, if my nails where painted he thought it was "cool" for lack of better word. Maybe "turn on" would be more appropriate.


anyway he left me for another woman. I happened to see pics of her and "parts" of him on what was "our" camera. She had rings on every dang finger, including a thumb ring. (which I said when women did this I thought they looked like trailer park trash) and long gawdy painted nails, wrapped around his you know what!!!!


When I asked him what attracted him to her, he never could tell me. (he had proposed to me the week after he first met her, now he is with her. I started my healing journal today)


But when I saw those pics, 15 total ugh, I knew those rings and fingernails where a huge plus!!! Then I found out she wasn't trailer park trash like she looked like....(her whole back is tatooed, as is her frontal "private" area with a huge butterfly covering the whole thing) but was quite wealthy with a home on a lake and boat and all the water toys.


So I guess she had it all. Money, rings and long painted nails. Except I had the looks he preferred, long blond hair. Plus even tho she is 10 years younger, I know I really am better looking. She smokes and drinks like a fish, so I'd like to see what she looks like in 10 yrs. with her long painted nails....lol I'm bitter.

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Thanks 90, I'm glad I could make someone laugh.


Believe me, I wasn't laughing when I saw them. then on christmas day night, I stumbled upon the "actual" pics all wrapped up in a rubber band while I was looking for my swimsuit in another room...wasn't a great christmas!


No youre not being insensitve. Hopefully someday i will see the humor...just not today...ugh.

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I always notice a girl's nails. The color tells me a lot about her style & what she finds attractive. The color also directly affects a girl's attractiveness to me. My favorites are pink, clear (French), blue or orange, and unpolished, in that order. I think it's cute when different fingers are different colors. I don't like black. Slightly longer nails are pretty. It's cute when a girl's fingernails are different lengths. Anything with scenery painted on it or that look like claws are yucky in my view.

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