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I need some advice i feel my friend is manipulating and playing mind games?


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Sorry I know the post is very long but there is no shorter way of putting it. I think a friend of mine is manipulating and playing mind games with me. There have been a few incidents with him which i think proves my point. He pretends to be caring and for my own good. But I have also noticed that he can be very jealous if he sees me talking to or texting other guys. He has said to me he has feelings for me and he wants more to happen between us. But I don't feel the same way about him. And i don't think I have lead him on in any way. I kissed him one night but to me it was just a kiss and nothing more. And nothing has happened between us since and I don't think it will ever happen again.


I was out for a few drinks with my him recently and a few of his lad friends. There was one guy I had never met before as he was his college friend from outside town. We got talking and we seemed to get along quite well in my opinion. I didn't fancy him but he was a nice guy to talk to. I then got a text message from my friend from who was sitting accross the table from us saying 'if you get with my friend im not gonna talk to you anymore'. He's 26 years old by the way and behaving like a child. I thought it was a pretty childish thing to do and I was very surprised when I read it. He never spoke to me the duration of the night and kept walking and standing away from me. So I had no one else to talk to apart from that particular friend.


When ever I get talking to his guy friends he gets so jealous and accuses me of ignoring and not being a proper friend to him. And just a few days ago I told him i am back texting an ex boyfriend he is someone I still have a lot of feelings for. When I told my friend this he accusing me of being 'caught in a stupid rut' and that I should listen to him and not text that particular guy anymore. He then accused me (after hearing about me texting my ex) of being ignorant with his friends and all his friends said the same thing to him about me. I feel like I cant win with him. If I chat to his friends he accuses me of ignoring him and not being a good friend to him and he also accuses me of trying to 'get off' with them. He told me if I 'kiss or try f**k' any of his friends he will no longer talk to me. Which is a pretty offensive thing to say.


He also told me his friends don't like me. Why would I bother talking to them if that is the case? Im thinking of just cutting all ties with him. I told him not to bother texting me again because I am still angry with him. I haven't heard from him in a few days now. I think he has influenced other guys and turned them away from me too.


He has a background in psychology so im sure he has a few dangerous skills in manipulating me and others. He told me he can make people like or dislike each other with a statement to them about the other person. He has also told me that his guy friends want to 'get off' with me but don't actually want to date me. I am very insulted about the whole situation.

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