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Hung out with a long time friend last night...


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Hey guys. I've always heard friends make the best relationships and I never really believed it until now. I have no idea why, but I may be in the process of dating one of my friends I've had for as long as I can remember.


Last week she text me asking if she could come to church with me. She hasn't been in a long time and wants to start back. I of course said sure. We've been texting some all week since.


She told me she was apparently my "new girlfriend" because everyone had been asking her after seeing us at church together if we were dating. I finally told her last night since she was my "new girlfriend", she should let me take her out sometime. I knew she'd say no, we've been friends forever, it'd be weird, etc.


To my surprise, she said so where are you planning on taking me? I was pretty surprised. I told her it depends. If during the week since we both work, it'd be somewhere close. On a weekend though, we could go wherever. She said you know, slave labor always impresses me more than anything. You should come over and help me fold clothes!


I ended up going over for about 2 hours last night. We just talked and I helped her get packed for her family camping trip this weekend. There was no awkward silence and we laughed/talked the entire time. She ended up asking me if I'd like to go running with her next week. I said sure and we'd go to dinner sometime next week as well.


She said she told her mom and she thought it was funny and saw it coming. Funny because I had been in the friend zone forever, and now here we are about to go on a date.


So, I could definitely see myself dating her. She's very attractive, we're into the same things, and she has a very good career started. So, I'll just take things slow and see how it goes

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Wow, this definitely has potential to be something amazing by the sounds of it. I'm so pleased for you! Going slow definitely sounds like the right thing to do, it will give you both a chance to see how you feel going from friends to romantic relationship.


I'd say good luck for your date, but I don't think you need it

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Just an update:


Asked her out for this weekend but she starts graveyard shift for a week so she said whenever that's over we can go out. I was supposed to go see her Wednesday night but was unable to due to stuff at church. I didn't get home until around 11:15 and she sent me a text that said way to bail on me tonight I explained how my phone died and couldn't tell her in time. Anyway, I went back over to her house last night and we sat around and talked/watched tv again. We really seem to click on stuff, and she's always laughing.


She's coming to a church service with me tonight. I just hope I'm not getting into a "friend zone" with being at her house 3 times now and not making a move. I'm just taking it really slow since we've been friends for so long. But, she does know what my intentions are since I've asked her out. So, I'm gonna keep the making a move until either after a date or things just happen naturally. Seems good so far, I just suck at judging how things are going.

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