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well. Here i am again.


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Broke up because of power issues. She wants most of it. Being fair, she is a lovely woman and I have a deep love and respect for her. We broke up last wed. I'm sure if we would talk we fouled get back together. I am the one that shut it down. As. compatible as we are. I guess there can still be differences deep deep down that keeps people from going forward. I came to ena last year because of a breakup I was having a hard time with. This one is quite different. It's just more.mature and honest. This way I can wrap my mind around things and actually process what needs to be processed. We ate both sad but at peace. We both acknowledge a desire to be together but perhaps we just need to step back and tale a fresh look.

Sorry for.ramble. I'm not in distress here, just contemplative

I do.wish most others on ema had clear issues tjat.could be.honestly.felt with. I believe when that is.the.case, both parties are less stressed.

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