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See what happens when i get back


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I’m 20 years old and my girlfriend is 22. We have been in a relationship for 6 months and we dated for 4 months before getting together. Were both students and we study in Newcastle Upon Tyne, however my girlfriend is from the area whereas I’m from Manchester but I spend most of my time up here.

Everything was going so well. We saw each other twice a week with her staying at my student house usually on Fridays. However since the university exam period kicked in we didn’t see each other as much usually once a week for dinner. Also she stopped staying at mine and giving me the odd kiss. This made me sense that she was pushing herself away from me for no reason.

We never argued in the past but since exams have finished we went out to celebrate and talk about our relationship. She knows that I treat her really well (compared to her past relationships) and care for her I mean, I get her flowers when she’s upset, wine and dine her which the majority of the time I insist I pay, her favorite perfume on her birthday and recently a text book to help her with her masters degree.

The problem she has which upsets her has been the odd little jokey comments over the 6 months I have made just to be playful. There are only 2-3 comments she mentioned. For example she goes on about hating wearing glasses in the morning then I would jokingly say ‘what have I let myself in for’. Also she misinterprets some of the things I say and takes them in a negative way when infact she hasn’t understood what I really mean. Also I would never be mean to her anyway. But rather than talking about them at the time she has kept all these small things to herself and they have just built up inside her.

Anyway I’m going home for 3 weeks and when she got home from celebrating results with me she text me saying her feelings might not change but lets she what happens when I get back to Newcastle. She has promised to meet up when I do get back and she says that we can stay in touch and speak to each other while I’m away. So basically I’ll be going home still in this relationship. She does like me still a bit and she appreciates how good I’ve been to her and our positives outweigh the negatives. I just can’t see how these little things have affected her. Maybe it would all be different if she mentioned them at the time? She doesn’t know herself why she feels like this to but hopefully her head will clear up.


My problem is do I stay in touch while I’m at home or will it push her away further? Or do I not speak and just meet up when I get back? What should I do to help her convince herself I’m the right guy for her?





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