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Could do with some advice please


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Hi all, could do with some advice on my current situation please. My ex and i broke up 3 weeks ago, we also work in the same company although our paths dont really cross. We broke up due to him being confused and he didnt really know what he wanted, he couldnt pin point what the issue was, he thought for a few days about things and still was no the wiser on what he wanted. There was no other way than to end things and i generally felt at the time felt it was the right decision. He thought he may regret it but it was also for the best.


So fast forward to a few occasions ive seen him in work, people have commented that hes down in the dumps, this is just not while we have been broken up but ive noticed it a few times too... its like hes in a different world. I saw him his week and said hi to him and asked in passing how he was, he literally mumbled something about being fed up and headed up the stairs. That evening i sent him a quick txt asking if he was ok as he seemed fed up and he said he was in a sulk as work was stressing him out, we then had a bit of texting backwards and forwards. He generally seemed down in the dumps and he was saying hes not been out much and has no future plans, i made a joke about what was the matter wth him as hes always out with friends and he said he didnt know what was up with him.

He has also written things on his FB status with things like FML which means "F*** my life"


I know people are thinking go NC with him but we were friends before and im happy wth LC at the moment. If im honest I would like to give things another go with him, i dont feel we are over but im not going to push it with him in anyway.


I cant help but think there is something else going on in his life at the moment which is causing him to be slighty depressed. Im not really sure what this could be, i know hes not particularly close to his family and for birthdays and xmas he doesnt get presents but you would think if he had a girlfriend who was there for him this would help things?

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