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I think my supervisor has a crush on me


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Gah i think he has a crush on me, my supervisor. Im 18 years old so I am legal.

Anyway... I dont know i remember him interviewing me. I swear I got the job because he thought I was cute. Gah i have a crush on him. Anyway every time I am working i just feel this awkward tension like my heart stops. i dont know why, i dont want to feel it but its every time he comes around. I have had him randomly just walk by my booth and he seems to be looking for no one at all, so i wonder why he constantly make trips to walk by my booth specifically..


I remember I was trying to walk over to the door, and for some reason of my flip flips fell out of my foot and i was trying to get it back on, he was standing there and he had this smile on his face like he was silently laughing. i felt a little embarrassed..

No hes not married either. Hes really young, all the supervisors there are young like mid twenties.

He just makes it a little obvious i mean really lol....

What should I do here?

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Well its just a part time job i can easily get a new one lol!]


But what do you guys think here... He is shy. I mean compared to all the other managers he is always sitting as his desk to himself, i can just tell right off the bat this guy isnt an alpha male, hes really cute, but he seems introverted or shy.

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Make it your business to start a conversation with him. I also happen to be introverted. I rarely just talk in person, so involved with my own thoughts. Starting a conversation with someone like that 'wakes them up' so to speak.


Dont throw yourself at him, just talk. If he does in fact have an interested, there is a chance he might let it slip .. and if that happens .. good for you!

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