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Approaching this girl


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I hope this is the right section to start this thread, anyways I'll jump right into it. I was at a deli near my house and I noticed a cute girl workingl there. We exchanged glances a few times, noticed one another, etc, but I didn't think much of it. I work at an auto repair shop and was surprised to see the same girl come in few weeks ago. When I went out to greet her I remembered she was from the deli and started a conversation about her working there. She seemed to be really friendly and showed a few good signs, so I decided to try and make myself another opportunity because flirting with girls in my work place doesn't work out so great. It may sound a little silly but I asked her if I gave her free service on her car, if I could get some free food from the deli. Now obviously I didn't care at all about getting free food, I just wanted to buy myself some time and this was the best thing I could think of at the time. She said in a friendly style maybe, i'll try, not sure, etc etc. We talked about a friend of mine that worked there, I walked her up to the cashier, then asked her if she would be working tonight, to which she said yes, and I told her I would be in there, she smiled and said bye, a pretty good little chat I thought.


This is where I need advice


So I go in to grab some food and see this girl. She works in the deli but she works behind the counter and takes food out to dine in customers, not in the carry out side I went up to. We locked eyes from all the way accross the deli and I know she remembered me, but it was so busy I didn't attempt to try and talk to her, but I did notice she kept looking my way while I was reading the paper and waiting for my food. My question now is how should I approach when I go back in? What would be the best way to get a real conversation in? When is it appropriate to ask for a number? My main problem is she works in a place that's pretty fast moving, so I don't know how to approach her and start a conversation to get things going

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Dude a good time is when she is working and when its not too busy. Ask her how her day was and see if she is interested in grabbing coffee or ice cream after work. Imagine if a girl is interested in you and wanted to approach you when you are working. Of course she would avoid the early morning, lunch and evening before closing right? No different for her. Ask her out to get to know her and fill us in man.

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The only thing you really should bother her with during her work hours is name, how she is and when she gets off work. Much more than that and you are preventing her from working.


Think of it if the positions were reversed. You were busy at work, and had a girl come up to you. You dont really have a lot of time to mess around, so the best you can do is a few quick answers to questions before you would need to get back to work.


Put it this way - you dont want her to get into strife with her boss, nor with her for taking up her time at work.


Once you have her after work... then go nuts.

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I wouldn't explicitly ask her out while she's working. Not even for coffee. Having been a waitress before I know how uncomfortable that can be. There's a work/personal boundary that needs to be respected, especially in the service industry where you're supposed to please the customer..


I think the closest you should get to asking her out at work is telling her how great it was to see her during her off hours, then giving her your number or email address on a slip of paper with a short note. *If* you can do it with a wink or sly smile, you could even say something about how you're available for free mechanical advice if she ever has questions or concerns about her car. That way she has a pretext to actually contact you. But you have to be a bit careful not to make it seem like that's the only reason why she should be contacting you.


Hope this helps.

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Wouldn't just walking up to her and giving her my number be a little strange? I know i have to talk outside of work, thats why i want to ask her out, and thats the hard part lol. I think im gonna go in today, ask if she remembers me, make real quick small talk then ask

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