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Attraction That I am Ashamed of - Is it justified?


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I am attracted to British women. The reason why I am ashamed is that I feel that it is not right for me to be attracted to them since I am from a country which is a former colony of Britain. I feel a little ashamed that I prefer British women over my own.


I go crazy over the accent and I just can't resist it if I meet a woman with such an accent. and so on.

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Nothing to be ashamed of at all! We all get attracted to something a bit different from what we see or hear everyday.


Also, it's strange to hear British women being thought of as hot. I've always been under the assumption that we're considered amongst the worlds most unattractive women (bad teeth, obese, pale, bad fashion sense) so thanks for that!

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I'm American and all my life I've always thought British women are hot. The accent is definitely hot. What's to be ashamed about? When you get to know them a bit though, you'll find they're not much different from women from other countries. Women are women. It doesn't really matter what country they are from. Yes, there are cultural differences, but women are kind of the same everywhere.

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Hi all as Far as British woman not being hot. The girl I am dating is born in the UK, Does it matter that her father was American? As far as I can say my GF is hot. .

And you have nothing to be Ashamed of. You have no control of how you are attracted to. It is all chemistry between you and the other person.

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