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Ladies-does this happen with you?


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I think 2 of my friends are jealous of the attention I get from guys. One reason is, when I tell them about a guy or something that happened..they always look negative on it and basically say bad things about what "will happen". They both have been through hard relationships and have a hard outlook on men in general but it seems like they are just jealous because they have no men in their life? It's just the impression I get, it's not like I rub anything in their faces either...I talk to them like any girl would talk to a friend about a guy? When I have a friend that likes a guy or anything like that, I am genuinely happy for them. I don't know, does any one else feel this way? What do you do? Lately, I just haven't talked to them at all about guys or anything like that.

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Well yes it can happen.. I think you should ask them: Do I bother you when I talk about other guys?

Also, when talking about other guys, try not to sound to full of yourself even though you do not want to. Because me, when I talk about what happened with a guy or something, I try not to talk too much about it. It also depends with who.. There are friends that really will think of what happened with this guy That i talked about for my best interest and others that won't really care because Yes they are jealous.. You just have to deal with it and try to be in their place.. So I try to not talk too much about other guys it also happens with my bestfriend when she talks about a guy with other people, They will get jealous.

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