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Trying to be friends with someone you had a crush on

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Hmm...is this possible?


I recently ran into a situatoin where I started liking this male friend of mine (and I'm a male too, if this makes you uncomfortable you don't have to keep reading). I'm not really good at reading people, but I was almost positive he was gay so I confrtoned him about it and told him I like him. Unfortunately...he told me he is straight, and doesn't like me like that. It was awkward for ME, but I don't think it was for him. He wants to still be friends. I do too, of course, but I have a crush on him...it's just odd. It's never been like this before when I liked a girl, because I guess it's easier to read them and tell if they like me...I guess what I'm trying to say is I've never been wrong about a girl liking me...but then I thought this guy liked me...and yeah, I was wrong. I've been trying to move on and like someone else -- and that seems to be working -- but can I really still be friends with him after telling him what I did? What are your thoughts on the issue?

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I think this is possible. It was a crush, not a full-blown relationship. And if he still wants to be friends even though there was some awkwardness when he told you he doesn't like you in "that way", I think that's pretty cool, and very mature of him. He obviously values your friendship. I can understand that you might feel a little weird, but if he is acting normal, then that should make it easier for you to get past it and just be his good friend.


Only you can decide if it's possible or not, really. If you refuse to let go of the crush/awkward feelings, it will never be a normal friendship. If you go "oh, well, at least I still have his friendship" and move forward, you'll feel much better. It's easier than it may seem. I've done it myself.


Good luck!

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