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confused on her intentions

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I have a question about what's going here, well kinda but I don't know what the move here.


As some know I was involved in a brutal break up after 3 years a month ago.

As I am not looking for anything, something came...


We met at the hospital and we saw each other and sparks flew... I fb added her and we started talking...it has been some of the moat intense convo and fun convo ever...that's when I checked...married.


Now after the day at the hospital, she had told her friend whom I know, that she thought I was gorgeous and awesome... When this friend told me..I had mentioned it, and she said "yes she said she was going to tell you, I said go for it"


Is this woman hinting? Does she want attention or a fling? Why would she give a green light to possibly spark my interest knowing she's married?


Or am I just reading into it too much

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"Something came along ... Sparks flew ... Most intense convo ever... "


Those things don't sound like the "great friendship" you mentioned in your second post. It is blatantly obvious that you are considering more than just a platonic friendship, which would be totally fine if she were single. But she's not. It doesn't matter if she's looking for a "fling" or otherwise, because no matter what SHE is looking for, it spells trouble for YOU. The last thing you want to do after a brutal breakup is place yourself in this kind of position.


However, if you're posting about it here that indicates you've given it some thought. So if you do decide to keep seeing where this goes, it would be no one's fault but your own when things turn sour.


For your own benefit, please stay away.

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