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Do I stay being a friend or move on?


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I have been friends with this guy for 2yrs, we worked together. He was married and there was nothing between us except friendship.


6mths ago his marriage fell apart and it broke him dearly, she was a mail order bride, who was just trying to get residence in our country. There marriage was not good, but he loved her dearly.


Our mutual friends have been trying to get us together for a long time, as they feel we would get along great and be good for each other.


Well 1.5mths ago we got together like a dating couple ,he was full on, so much so that it scared me and im not sure if I pushed him away here or what happened, but he started to become somewhat distance. I had always wanted to take this slow, as I knew he was no where near ready for anything, but attraction got the better of us and we have been intimate, several times. He said he wanted me in his life, he is just so lost.


We talked about it and he told me he wasn't ready for a relationship and just needed good friends. We made no contact with each other for a week and then he sent me a txt asking if I would like to catch up as friends and he would really like that. I told him it would be unfair on us as I still had feelings for him.


Do I continue to be the friend that I have been for the last 2yrs or move on and find someone who does want me? I really, really care for this guy, but I don't think I could hang out with him without wanting to touch him. I am not sure how to go back to what we were, since we have crossed the friendship line.

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It's unfair of him to think you can just go back to be 'friends' as easy as that.


Say you need time away from him to allow the feelings to fade and please not to contact you. If he does contact you after that, he clearly doesn't respect you - so move on completely.

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