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What is the biggest mistake that people make on a first date ?


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Talking too much about yourself - and not asking anything about the other person.


And if you think that's bad enough, it's even worse when you sit there bored out of your brains and the other person DOES NOT GET THAT YOU ARE BORED and continues to rant on!


HAHA this

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Don't look at her boobs too much

Don't bring up sex (unless she brings it up)

Don't talk about old relationships or dating

Don't treat it like an audition (except of course, it kinda is)

Don't crowd her or behave like you are in a relationship with her already

Don't talk politics or religion

Ask lots of questions (but don't be like an interegation) remember she may throw the questions back at you too

Keep it short, leave her wanting more

Have a laugh about how you met

Be nice to the waiter (or whoever)

Bring cash money, pay for everything, tip good but don't show off

Clean fingernails, washed hair, polished shoes - girls notice these things

Smell good (but don't dip yourself in axe either)

Brush teeth, good breath

Good attitude, no clingy, needy, desperation acts

Kiss goodnight, short, sweet, firm and tongue-less,

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Good list, shuttlefish. I would add, make sure you to pay attention to them. Don't people watch, play with the straw in your drink, watch the ball game on tv, talk/text on your cell phone, look at your watch, or flirt with the waiter. Pay attention to them, talk to them, listen to them and make good eye contact. You can ignore them after you're married.

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Present yourself in a way which shows you put time and effort into it - THAT IS ALL.

When you look at her, look at her face - if her eye contact makes you nervous, look at her forehead - nobody can actually tell that.

Talk about her, unless she brings up you. Try to keep the subject away from yourself or your history.

Control your mannerisms so that you look and feel comfortable.


Oh and never touch her. (she is allowed to touch you though)


And biggest biggest thing - NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING.

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