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What do you do if you think your SO is cheating?


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I'm not just gonna ask him point blank if he's cheating on me. He already knows I have trust issues and I've brought things up before. I think he'd totally be offended if I just straight up asked him that, and I think it could lead to the demise of the relationship, especially if there is nothing going on.


There's a better reason to not ask him point blank if he's cheating on you.


That question NEVER receives a yes answer even if that's the case, and all you do is tip them off that you're aware there may be something going on so they work harder to cover their tracks, and if you're wrong it's going to cause problems in the relationship.

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I want to write more, but it is completely not true that intuition is correct. Sure, out of a thousand times it might be right once, but does it really mean it's best to act on intuition when it often fails.

I often have insecurity also, lets write each other? I'm actually headed out to my therapy appointment now, but it sounds like you and I have a *lot* in common, and that frankly there really isn't any red flag in his behavior at all. It doesn't mean he isn't doing anything, but it does mean that it's a good time to just sit with that insecurity and not do anything about it.

Be back soon!!

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