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Career change

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Changing your career is SOO hard.


I wish i could tell employers not to look at what my current job is or what i have done in the past and say ''i dont want to do what i have done for 9 freakin years''... i want to get out!




Yes my job has absolutely nothing to do with the job you need filled. Yes my previous 9 year history has nothing to do with it either. But that dont mean i want to keep doing that crap for another 9 years. Here, see these skills? That means i can do this crap. I even did crap outside of work hours, in my own spare time because i didnt like nor have i ever liked my job. I want OOUUT!




Seriously employers take one look at my resume have a quickie read over my cover letter that spells it out in black and white that i want a career change etc etc and say to my face ''you have done this, why do you want to do that?''


... employers... one day i am gunna shove my resume down their throats.


/endvent lol seriously... i hate my job haha!

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